Harrowing: Divide and Conquer


The Dark

Lesson/Moral of the Harrowing:

The Underworld is a harsh environment. Wraiths need to trust each other and stick together in order to survive. This Harrowing pits the characters against obstacles, encouraging them to strike off on their own, and abandon their friends to the Labyrinth.


Harrowing Type:

Corpus (Group).



Set in Labyrinth corridors (i.e. black rough walls, constantly shifting maze with three major obstacles), with a few specific scenes (described below).



The harrowed characters find themselves at the start of a maze. Behind them are endless rows of cages, each one holding a Vulpine (Spectral Barghest). The Vulpine cages are slowly opening ... (please note - to keep the characters moving, the Vulpine should chase them, slowly increasing in numbers as they are released from their cages, and never losing their scent - but be careful that they do not 'take over the show').



The characters encounter traps, and obstacles, designed to split them up. The characters shadows are constantly trying to force the characters to split up (i.e. to lose the 'dead weight', to use as a distraction for their own escape). The shadows should be very active, and very distracting, and have full use of their thorns (but not catharsis). The obstacles should give plenty of opportunity for the characters to leave each other behind. A minimum of three obstacles is suggested, such as;

1) - A mechanical locked door, which the first character unlocks easily, but the second character finds much more difficult.

2) - A corridor under the influence of some time altering power, so that the first character entering runs at twice speed, whilst subsequent characters entering are slowed to half speed.

3) - A slippery log bridge spanning a mud pit inhabited by a tentacled Spectre, who will attack one character, but ignore the other.



Automatic Success - the characters refuse to separate, or if forcefully separated, try to find the other character. Even if the characters are destroyed in the harrowing - they still succeed.

Fail - the characters separate and leave the other to their fate, thinking only of themselves. The characters should be 'destroyed' in the harrowing in some manner that lets them know that they should have stuck together.

Botch Result (-2 on the Harrowing roll) - the characters actively work against the other, either to gain an advantage for themselves, or as retribution for being 'abandoned' (slamming the door in another's face so the Vulpine are busy, or pushing them off the log to gain time for your own escape are examples of these).