R.I.P Report - Stygia is Falling




In the terror and confusion of the past few weeks more has been lost than anyone can calculate. The Kingdom of Iron lays shattered, its remnant strewn through the underworld. The legions are broken, the remnants of the guilds have fallen and even the mighty deathlords have been broken. Above all else, however, mighty Charon has at last truely left us for what lies beyond. No longer will his strength guide and unite us, no longer will his wisdom lead us, nor his might defend us. We have lost all, and to prove it, mighty Stygia is Falling.

As the fires raged through the streets, roaring in the vacuum left behind by the battered armies of oblivion and the quickly departing refugees, the isle of sorrows has become completely unstable and begun a slow descent into the labyrinth. Originally it was thought the city could be at least partially rebuilt, as a number of towers and buildings still stood in some areas. Initial survey crews have found, however, that the majority of the island has begun to sink into the tempest below, while some sections have begun to move directly into the Labyrinth itself. The rate of decent, while slow in the begining has started to accelerate in those areas already destabalized. The decline began at the heart of Styiga and has begun slowly working its way out in a shockwave of destruction. Those areas closest to the heart of the dying city are preported to be sinking as much as six inches a month, while areas further from the center as little as one inch. The circle itself grows daily as earthquakes rock the city, the result of the ever increasing pressure of the tempest building beneath the dissintigrating island. Those few residents mad or desperate enough to remain in occupancy have constructed a web of bridges between the upper stories of the larger buildings at the heart of the city.

The resultant city is home to hundreds of helldivers and renegades who have carved Stygia's corpse up into tiny kingdoms built around the old buroughs of the City. The largest faction, which has claimed the remains of central Stygia, is led by the mysterious renegade known only as "the dark". This faction has claimed the remains of central Stygia and is in large part responsible for the network of bridges and ladders which connect those buildings which remain above the Labyrinth. Other faction include a wide variety of eskatonic Heretic cults, several rival gangs who oppose the Dark's calims to the remains of the city, large factions of Helldivers seeking the plethora of riches lost in the ruins. These groups have divided the suburbs of the city into a set of fuedal territories whose boundaries shift daily as battles rage from street to street and the smaller circles fall prey to the spectres which lurk in every shadow. The suburbs also play host to a small band former legionaires who have remained at thier posts in hopes of saving those few stragglers and thralls who were trapped in the city after the initial evacuation.

The result of this odd mix has been intense territorial warfare in the ruins. Conflicts which only add to the immense presence of Spectres including at least one that is rumored to be of malfean proportions. There is no safe place in the ruins. Every street is a death trap of cross fire as spectures, helldivers, renegades, heretics and unknown parties fight over relics, artifacts, or simply buildings to haunt. Buildings which collapse with a regularity matched only by the speed with which other buildings are reconstructed by those few wraiths desperate enought to attempt to rebuild.

The dangers do not stop here, however, as several reports of unaccounted disapearances among all factions have led to the formation of some small coalitions, paticularily between the small faction of renegades which claim loyalty to the notorious Simon Quinn and the Wraiths led by the Dark, as well as some nonagression agreements between heretic groups. These disapearances are attributed mostly to a new breed of spectre rumored to be stalking the streets, one which, despite the large population of Helldivers and other spectre hunters has yet to be classified or identified in any way. This lack of information is attributable to the tiny number of survivors of the attacks the shades have made against the various factions.

While this slow disolution marks a final end to the tyrany of the Hierarchy, it also marks a distinct turning point in the war against Oblivion, as the strongest and most eternal bastion against the void sinks into the maw of the beast. Though several Necropoli have fared better in the storm, there are few safe havens anywhere against the Maelstrom, the rampaging of the tattered reamins of nearly every faction, and the ever present spectres. Without guidance or defence the underworld has been left without its center, its guiding light.

Because Stygia is Falling.


Susan Green
reporting for the Renegade Independant Press