A Wraithly Guide To Other Supernaturals


Mike Spera

So you think that we ghosts are the only spooky things out there? Tell me you're kidding... You're not are you? When did you die, yesterday?

Oh, last week. Sorry, miss, but most of us know about the other creatures of the night very soon after we die. Since no one's ever taught you, I'll take it upon myself to open your eyes.

You believe in ghosts, right? That's what I thought. What about werewolves? Vampires? Magicians and faeries? Well, let me tell you, little lady, that the world is a lot bigger than you previously thought.

The first thing I have to warn you about is vampires. Yes, they are real, and they're everywhere. Most of them stay out of our way because they have no way to cross the Shroud. But there are a few that can.

One of them is a family of Italian necromancers by the name Giovanni. Giovanni is actually a FIRST name, not a last name, but none of them seem to realize that. Or perhaps they don't really care. Anyway, the second type that I know of is super-rare. They look like voodoo-type zombies and are centered around the Caribbean, going by the name Samedi. Like I said, these guys aren't that common, but don't think that they're tame.

The good news about vampires is that they can't kill us. The bad news is that they can do far, far worse: they can force us to serve them, hurt us from across the Shroud, bind us to be spies or protect some place or object. I know that some of them are powerful enough to even come to the Shadowlands in person! Most of them know not to mess with us on our own turf, so they stay out of the Underworld.

My advice is to stay the hell away from them. All of them. You never know when those few vamps that know necromancy are gonna show up.

The hated enemies of the vampires are the werewolves. There are other shapeshifters, too, but werewolves are by far the most common. These guys LOVE spirits. They worship spirits, learn from spirits, and work with spirits. But, for whatever reason, we're not that interesting to them. Maybe we're not good enough, maybe they prefer animal spirits to human ones.

I've heard that they have access to a spiritual world, but that plane of existence is far away from here. Well, either because we're unworthy or hard to find, they tend to leave us alone. When they do come here, though, it's never for a vacation: they want something. A certain group, called the Silent Striders, sometimes make visits here. Unlike their more immature brothers and sisters, they behave themselves while they're here. They are guests in our world, after all.

Next come the magi. I don't know a lot about them, but I'd beware them anyway. They know about us, and some other them, Dreamspeakers and Euthantos, can be quite curious. Most of them just don't care.

An exception are the Nephandi. The very thought of those freaks makes my corpus crawl in fear. These guys are like Spectres, they want to go to Oblivion and take everything they can with them. If you get a chance, kill any of them you find. If you find one but can't kill it, find someone who can and run.

There are hunters out there, too. They're like the magi, but sent from God to kick everyone's ass. Unfortunately, ghosts fall under the category of "everyone."

Some of them aren't that bad, some of them are rather curious about the existence of ghosts, while at least a handful want to kill us, regardless of the fact that we're all ready dead. Leave them alone and they'll leave you alone. Harass them, and you're in for a Harrowing.

Finally, we come to the changelings. Well, I'd hate to burst your bubble on this one, but I don't really know anything about these folks. They have their own home, Arcadia, like the Underworld is our home. But Arcadia is supposed to be like heaven, full of life, as opposed to this hell, full of decay.

I'm getting off the subject. Most of the changelings don't ever meet us and just don't care about us. There's one type, though, called the Slaugh, that have a somewhat close resemblance to us. How close? Too close for comfort...

So that's it. I hope you learned something from that little speech of mine, it could save your corpus some day.