October 10, 2006

Happy 21 days till Hallowe'en, y'all! Thanks for stopping by. There's a whole new batch of goodies this time around (some shlock, some not), and we hope you like what you see. As for some announcements, there are more than a few, not the least of which is that this is the last edition of TWP for 2006, because we're taking December off. The next update will be in January of 2007, and a new one will occur every 2 months (we noticed there was a month left over in our bi-monthly cycle this year, and the holidays seems a perfect excuse to balance things out a bit). So until then, enjoy your holiday in whatever fashion you do, and we'll catch up with you in the New Year. In the meantime, a few notes:


Holy mother of --- the fourth book in the nWoD "critter" line is one hell of a change from what we're used to. It's unlike anything White Wolf has ever done before, and since it has to do with creepy, undead flesh, we couldn't help but dwell on it for awhile. You'll notice a couple of articles about it here, and hey -- if we get enough feedback about the book, we might just include a section for it on the project. As for the webmaster, he grabbed a copy of it as as soon as he had enough pennies -- and he suggests you do the same. It's just... that.. good.


Our various open projects still need a lot of work, and we're always canvassing for help. If you look through our archives and see something you'd like to expand upon, please feel free to email the Webmaster and speak up. We have a lot of different areas that appeal to several tastes -- so jump in and help out!

As for HUSK 2 and Striplings, the development is slow-going, but it goes. It's been a long wait, but when these things finally roll out, they'll be all the better. Stay tuned!


This issue's cover is brought to us by Frances Moffatt, who gave us "The Doctor" a couple of issues back. Frances is also owed a debt of gratitude, because her assistance with site updates, bug fixes and general troubleshooting has been indispensable. You can see her previous artistic works in the Gallery (which she herself updated this past week).

--JL Williams, Webmaster & Wraithophile.