Just as we always have, we've given you a lot of things to enjoy this time around -- including entirely new sections of the Project that didn't exist before. Wander around, take a look at what we've got, and don't forget to plumb the depths of the Archives, too. There's no telling what surprises you might find lurking in the dark.


Playing Your Own Shadow

Justin Blasdel should have been featured last episode, and so without any further delay, here it is: full rules for taking control of your Wraith's darkest side.

New Lament: Splatters

Joshua Gervais serves up a messy new Lament, one sure to keep your Orpheus chronicle on its toes.

Orpheus Casefile: Prometheans

In a strange twist of crossover madness, Prometheans have wandered into the Orpheus Group's radar screen. Let the mayhem begin!

The Care & Feeding of Zombies

A few key words of advice on how to manage those pesky flesh-eating extras in your chronicle, thanks to Joshua Gervais.

Promethean: A Book Review (4.5/5 Skulls)

Your faithful webmaster rambles on about the newest addition to the nWoD, assuming he can stop drooling long enough to type coherently.

Bone Path Level Five

It's a parody! It's cheesy! It's got dancing skulls! What the hell more do you need!?


The Resurrection Men
Charnel Houses of Europe: The Shoah
True Terror: Through The Conduit
The Art of Lauren Watson


We receive all art and writing submissions via e-mail. Please send all submissions to jl.williams@gmail.com. Please put the phrase WRAITH PROJECT SUBMISSION in the Subject line (all caps). If the item is larger than 1Mb, please send it as a ZIP file. This makes things easier for our mailbox, not to mention downloading.

Written submissions should be sent as plain text in the body of an email. You can also send it as DOC, TXT or RTF, but don't format the fonts or paragraphs unless it's important that it be presented that way. In the case of PDF documents, make sure they're legible at 100%.

Artwork can be sent in either JPG, GIF, BMP or PDF format. You can also ZIP a collection of pictures, if you like.


We want articles for Wraith: the Oblivion, Wraith: the Great War, Orpheus and Exalted: the Abyssals. We want rules additions and changes. We want fiction. We want settings and characters. We want one-shot submissions, and we want pieces of a larger work that will be featured on the site. We want Netbooks you wrote, or are in the process of writing, and we want you to help out with our Open Projects. You got it? We want it. Send it in.

Note that we cater to an English-speaking audience, and prefer to have our articles in English (British or American spelling). Exceptions can always be made, especially in cases where other languages are used in a piece of fiction. Also, note that we prefer to be offered things that haven't previously appeared on other WOD websites (except for your own, private ones, of course). Having said that, we insist that you adhere to White Wolf's fair use laws. Please don't send us anything they might have to ask us to remove.

If we want revisions to material, we'll notify the author. We prefer to have the author write all revisions himself, but in cases where the article needs what we call a "grammar scrub" - due to bad spelling or grammar mistakes - we'll most likely fix it ourselves.

In truth, almost anything sent in will be accepted as long as it's on-topic or at least tangential to the four games listed above. The only lines we'd care to draw are ones of (1) good taste and (2) hateful matter.

What do we mean by good taste? When it comes to disgusting and degrading situations or the like, we're willing to run things so long as they don't "go too far". Things that are a bit on the nasty side will be noted as Shadow-Eaten, so as to not unduly surprise some of our users with weak stomachs or moral objections. However, shock for its own sake gets really tedious and offensive after a while, and we'd rather leave such tawdry matter behind.

What do we mean by hateful matter? Obviously, we mean bigotry and prejudice, but we've featured articles that use slurs in context, or in which racism is one of the major themes. We draw the line at the point where we think that instead of portraying prejudice as a real-life issue in a manner conducive to confronting it, it's being presented for needless shock value, or because you are prejudiced, yourself.

In either case, don't let the caveats strangle your vision. We can't really provide a list of "don't"s because we can't tell if something's too much or too far unless we've seen it. Just send it in and let the oboli fall where they may.


As with the written submissions, almost anything will be accepted as long as it's on-topic or at least tangential to Wraith: the Oblivion. But there is a line to be drawn when it comes to (1) good taste and (2) sexual materials.

Good taste? See above for helpful hints, and keep in mind that with art, we have to be a little more careful than we might be with the written word.

Sexual Materials? Nudity is a cornerstone of artistic endeavor, of course, but pornographic materials are the sort of thing that cause problems for servers. Where does nudity become pornography? As usual, we'd have to see it to tell you.